Attractions of Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet attractions are an irresistible invitation to a day of thrilling adventures in one of the largest and most exciting water parks in Singapore. With a total of 16 water slides, this attraction has become a hotspot for families seeking thrills, spills, and endless fun. From wave pools to high-speed flume rides, each of the attractions in the water park offers a heart-pumping experience that will leave you breathless with excitement. 

One of the highlights of these attractions is the Shiok River, which offers a soothing escape as you lazily float along the 335-metre meandering river while allowing you to unwind and catch your breath after tackling the more intense Wild Wild Wet rides. Families with young children can head to the Professor's Playground, where a collection of tiny slides, water buckets, and fountains provide endless entertainment for the little ones. You can race against your family and friends on Kraken Racers or take on the ultimate hybrid ride of Royal Flush.

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Wild Wild Wet Jacuzzi Pool & Spa
Jacuzzi Pool & Spa

The Jacuzzi Pool & Spa is one of the delightful Wild Wild Wet attractions that offers a soothing and relaxing experience for both kids and adults. With a combination of fluid jets and a jacuzzi waterfall, the pool provides a gentle massage to ease muscle tension and relieve aches. It also allows you to unwind, catch your breath, and recharge your tired body for work after the vacation gets over. You will definitely love the therapeutic benefits of the bubbly waters of the attraction.

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Wild Wild Wet Kidz Zone
Kidz Zone

Kids Zone is another one of the must-visit wild wild wet attractions to see, Singapore that provides a world of fun for the little ones. From exhilarating pint-sized versions of popular rides like Royal Flush and Kraken Racers to slides, pools, and water play areas, this miniature version of the main rides offers a thrilling experience to the children. It serves as a safe and enjoyable outdoor wet play area where toddlers and children of all ages can frolic and have a fantastic water park experience.

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wild wild wet professor playground
Professor's Playground

Professor’s Playground is an attraction that combines the elements of an experimental laboratory with a thrilling playground. Designed with kids in mind, this unique outdoor water slide playground features an array of exciting fixtures, including slides, ladders, water cannons, and fountains. With a safe depth of only 0.3 metres, even tiny toddlers can join in the fun. Here, you can let your kids slide, swing, and splash to their heart's content, enjoy endless hours of entertainment, and create unforgettable memories in a fun-filled and safe environment.

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wild wild wet shiok river
Shiok River

Shiok River is among the serene and rejuvenating Wild Wild Wet attractions that give a delightful respite from the thrilling rides. Spanning an impressive length of 335 metres, this scenic river ride meanders along the perimeter of the park like an outdoor swimming pool. In this attraction, you can hop onto a tube and leisurely float along while embracing the tranquil ambiance. The gentle current will guide you through lush landscapes, allowing you to unwind and let go of every day worries.

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Splash Play Family Friendly Pool
Splash Play Family Friendly Pool

The Splash Play Family Friendly Pool guarantees never-ending fun for the entire family with water jets and sprays. This engaging pool is a favourite among all visitors, especially children. They can delight in the all-new kiddie pool, featuring sprinklers, water tunnels, water cannons, and a playful structure in the middle. You can slosh around the shallow water of the pool and create joyful memories with your loved ones.

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tsunami wild wild wet
Tsunami Swimming Pool

If you have ever dreamt of wandering across the sea, you should consider Tsunami Swimming Pool as one of the places to see in Wild Wild Wet, Singapore. This wave pool allows you to experience the joy of riding choppy waves without the dangers of real ocean currents. No matter what your age is, you can enjoy the excitement of the surf in a safe and controlled environment. On the contrary, you can lie back, soak up the sun, and embrace the fun as the waves crash around you

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Tips to Visit Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet Singapore
  • Book the Wild Wild Wet discount tickets online in advance to avoid standing in long queues and get direct access to the attraction at an affordable rate.
  • Visit the attraction early in the morning, as soon as the park opens to enjoy with less crowd.
  • Use the exclusive entry gate at D’Resort to avoid crowds.
  • Rent eye-catching floats, like unicorns or pizza slices, for Instagram-worthy moments.
  • Carry around SGD 30 to SGD 40 in cash as the lockers and float rentals inside the attraction do not accept cards.
  • Receive the return visit vouchers valid for 60 days if the attractions at Wild Wild Wet Singapore remain closed for over 30 minutes due to rain.
  • Enjoy your snacks and refreshments in the halal-certified and the only restaurant near Wild Wild Wet Singapore named Breeze Cafe & Ice Cream Stop.
  • Wear sunscreen with a high SPF while enjoying the attractions to prevent yourself from the harmful rays of the sun

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What are the famous rides at Wild Wild Wet?

    • Splash Play- Splash Play is a popular ride at Wild Wild Wet that features water cannons, water tunnels, and a tiny play structure in the center. It is a family-friendly ride where kids can have a blast with water jets and sprays.
    • Royal Flush- Royal Flush is the first hybrid ride in Asia that allows you to flush yourself down in the wild water rafting tunnel slide. In this ride, you can sit on a ellow-and-orange raft and glide down the curves at a vast speed, moving up and down the walls of the tunnel.
    • Shiok River- Shiok River is an outdoor swimming pool in the Wild Wild Wet, where you can lounge on a tube and enjoy a leisurely float. Spread across 335 meters in length, this lazy river ride lets you leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind and unwind your senses between the waters.
    • Slide Up- Slide Up is an extreme adrenaline-rushing ride that propels riders down a towering four-story ramp before pushing them to new heights on the opposite side. It will continue to oscillate multiple times, and you will feel like enjoying a professional skateboarding experience.
    • Kraken Racers- Kraken Racers is an innovative four-lane mat racing water slide that glides you headfirst to see who reaches the bottom first. This slide brings out the competitive side in you by allowing you to experience the excitement of a high-speed large water slide.

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